Caramel fleur de sel

Riding the wave of the “Caramel Style” phenomenon, PreGel suggests this creamy, warm and enveloping recipe where all the sweetness of salted butter caramel perfectly combines with a delicious cascade of tiny salt crystals.

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A special mix for making any kind of savory leavened product: from classic nibbles to aperitifs and quick lunches – mini-sandwiches, veg- filled rolls and sliced bread – to those tied to local traditions – such as mini-pizzas, pretzels and baguettes – as well as specialities dedicated to festivities – such as gourmet panettone. FEATURES

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The sweetness of vanilla cream paired with the slightly salted note of dark chocolate cookie, accurately represents the delicious famous taste of the black-and-white cookie.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, the cocoa for chocolate production had become very expensive. For this reason, some Turinese Maîtres Chocolatier started to partially replace it with hazelnuts harvested from the nearby Langhe territory; that’s how the delicious gianduia cream was born.

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Mrs. Ruth Wakefield was preparing her delicious Butter Drop Dough cookies when she discovered that she was out of baking chocolate. She then decided to replace it with broken pieces of a chocolate bar, expecting it to melt and color the dough to create chocolate cookies. That didn’t happen; the small pieces of chocolate only

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Shake as Cake

And the Cake becomes a Shake! Eight recipes of popular cakes are turned into yummy milkshakes. With their rich and creamy texture enhanced by crunchy garnitures and must- have whipped cream, the new Shake as Cake concepts are eaten with a spoon and straw, and are perfect for both eat-in and to-go service. Try them

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Catalan Cream is a traditional dessert originated in Catalonia, in the northeast corner of Spain. This widely appreciated dessert is made with thick custard filling flavored with lemon peel and cinnamon, and covered with a thin layer of caramelized sugar on top.

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