A special mix for making any kind of savory leavened product: from classic nibbles to aperitifs and quick lunches – mini-sandwiches, veg- filled rolls and sliced bread – to those tied to local traditions – such as mini-pizzas, pretzels and baguettes – as well as specialities dedicated to festivities – such as gourmet panettone. FEATURES

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A line of exquisite Five Star Chef Pastry Fillings boasts fresh flavor and a very high content of full-bodied fruit pieces. Five Star Chef Pastry Fillings only contain natural flavorings and feature a low sugar content, which makes their flavors incredibly natural and very delicate on the palate. Five Star Chef Pastry Fillings are baking

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Craquelin cream puffs

A long-time classic in international pastry, the pâte à choux is now used by all pastry chefs around the world to create stylish and sophisticated delicacies. Simple yet extremely customizable, éclairs and puff preparations embellish any showcase thanks to their re ned and colorful look. For an easy and quick preparation of these delicate treats

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Italian Brioches

A special mix for making any kind of sweet leavened product: from classic breakfast stuffs – such as sweet rolls, croissants, brioches and Danish pastries – to traditional local products – such as rum baba, Venetian focaccia and Frankfurt Kranz – as well as many other sweet specialities tied to traditions and festivities. FEATURES The

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Baked Gluten Free Donuts

Light and fragrant baked donuts are so colorful and visually appealing that they never fail to cheer you up! Ideal for a sweet break any time of the day, they can be coated and topped in a wide variety of ways, creating ever new avor combinations. Preparing them is very easy with Five Star Chef

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