Zombie’s hand Gelato

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  • 1 bag Sprint Cheesecake
  • 2 L Milk
  • 500 g milk cream
  • Strawberry Extra Arabeschi® (to taste)
  • CrumbOlé Classic Gluten Free (to taste)

            Method of preparation

            • 1. Blend the milk and cream together in a large bowl, add Cheesecake Sprint and mix everything up with a turbomixer until it has not lumps.

            • 2. Pour the mixture in the gelato machine.

            • 3. Once the machine completes the process, extract the gelato out and put it into a pre-cooled pan. Flatter it with a spatula.

            • 4. Insert the pan in a blast chiller for few minutes and sprinkle with CrumbOlé Classic Gluten Free.

            • 5. Use Strawberry Extra Arabeschi® to shape a “zombie’s hand” on the gelato surface.


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