Shake as Cake

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And the Cake becomes a Shake!

Eight recipes of popular cakes are turned into yummy milkshakes.

With their rich and creamy texture enhanced by crunchy garnitures and must- have whipped cream, the new Shake as Cake concepts are eaten with a spoon and straw, and are perfect for both eat-in and to-go service.

Try them all and test ever-new flavor combinations!

For a 300 cc (10oz) glass

  • Gelato 200g (approx. 3 scoops)
  • Milk 50-60 ml
  • Arabeschi® 10g (1 tablespoon)

        Method of preparation

        • Pour gelato, milk and 1 spoon of Arabeschi® in the blender

        • Shake until the mixture is well combined and homogeneous

        • Pump a first layer of whipped cream on the bottom of the glass

        • Add a layer of Arabeschi® (approx. 1 tbsp)

        • Fill the glass with the shake

        • Garnish and serve

        • Recipes:

          Eight recipes of popular cakes are turned into yummy milkshakes!

        • Tiramisù

          whipped cream + cacao togo + mascarpone flavored gelato + tiramisu arabeschi®

        • Cocco Menta

          whipped cream + PinoPinguino + green mint flavored gelato + cocco snack arabeschi®

        • Cheesecake

          Panna montata + Arabeschi® Rossi di Bosco + Gelato al Cheesecake + Arabeschi® Cheesecake

        • Tres Leches

          whipped cream and crunch sesame + fiordilatte flavored gelato + caramelllatte arabeschi®

        • Apple Pie

          whipped cream + catalan crunchy grains + biscuit flavored gelato + apple and cinnamon arabeschi®

        • Key Lime Pie

          whipped cream + lime arabeschi® + lime flavored gelato + cheesecake arabeschi®

        • Cookie Dough

          whipped cream + krocco milk arabeschi® + biscuit flavored gelato + monte nero arabeschi®

        • Brownie

          whipped cream + roasted hazelnut grains + black chocolate flavored gelato + biscotto arabeschi®


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