Gelato Pumpkin

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  • 1500 g milk
  • 210 g sugar
  • 90 g skimmed milk powder
  • Totalbase® 210 g
  • 1000 g pumpkin (baked)
  • Crumbled Amaretti biscuits (to taste)

              Method of preparation

              • 1. Pour the milk and the pieces of baked pumpkin in a large bowl. Separately, mix up the Totalbase®, the skimmed milk powder and the sugar in a bowl. Then, pour them into the milk and pumpkin mixture. Use the turbomixer to accurately mix everything up until there compound has not lumps anymore.

              • 2. Drop the mixture in the gelato machine.

              • 3. Once the machine completes the process, extract the gelato out and put into a pre-cooled pan. Flatter it with a spatula.


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