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  • Ladyfingers
  • Zuppi Rum
  • Water
  • Cremapone
  • Milk
  • Ovissimo®
  • Cream
  • Mascarpone 30
  • Arabeschi® Lime
  • Cacao Togo

                      Method of preparation

                      • BASE

                        Ladyfingers as desired
                        Zuppi Rum 100g
                        Water 50g
                        1. Dissolve Zuppi Rum over water and mix well, dip the ladyfingers in the mixture.

                      • WHIPPING

                        Cremapone 180g
                        Milk 100g
                        Ovissimo® 100g
                        Cream 1000g
                        Mascarpone 30 45g
                        1. Dissolve Cremapone in the milk. Then add Ovissimo® and mix well.
                        2. Whip the cream.
                        3. Gently incorporate the whipped cream into the Cremapone until the compound is homogeneous and creamy. Flavor the base with Mascarpone 30 or add PreGel Pannacrema in the recommended dosages for the initial Cremapone mixture.
                        4. Place the dessert in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to stabilize the product.
                        5. Place in the freezer or blast chiller as long as needed for unmolding the product. Store and consume at +4 ° C.

                      • INSERT

                        Arabeschi® Lime as desired

                      • DECORATION

                        Soak the ladyfingers in Zuppi and then place them at the base of the glass. Pour a part of the whipped Cremapone with mascarpone and let it stabilize. Form a layer of Arabeschi® Lime and blast chill until the surface hardens. Use a piping bag to make tufts of Cremapone with mascarpone as decoration and sprinkle with Cacao Togo.


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