Halloween Pumpkin

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  • 3,5 kg white base gelato
  • 70 g Vanilla Tahiti N yellow Traditional Paste (20 g/kg)
  • Monte Nero Arabeschi® (to taste)
  • CrumbOlé Red Berries (to taste)

          Method of preparation

          • 1. Blend the white base gelato mix with the Vanilla Tahiti N yellow in a large bowl until there are no lumps.

          • 2. Once the machine completes the process, extract the gelato and put it in a pre-cooled pan. Use a spatula to flatter it.

          • 3. Put the pan in the blast chiller for few minutes and sprinkle CrumbOlé Red Berries over the hedges of the pan.

          • 4. Use the Monte Nero Arabeschi® to shape a Halloween Pumpkin’s face in the middle of the gelato.


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