Halloween Cake

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  • Butter Cake
  • Whole egg
  • Butter (soft)
  • Red food colouring
  • Albumissimo
  • Pannacrema Vanilla
  • Purple food colouring
  • Creme Vellutine - Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Black food colouring

                      Method of preparation

                      • For the sponge:

                        - 500 g Butter Cake
                        - 250 g whole egg
                        - 250 g butter (soft)
                        - Red food colouring
                        For the base, whip the Butter Cake, whole egg and butter together in a food processor with a flat beater attachment for about 4 minutes.
                        Colour the mixture with red food colouring as desired and pour into a springform pan.
                        Bake at 170 °C for approx. 35 minutes.
                        Allow to cool completely and divide horizontally into four parts.
                        For the buttercream, heat the sugar and water to approx. 70°C and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.

                      • For the buttercream

                        - 50 g Albumissimo
                        - 125 g water
                        - 200 g sugar
                        - 500 g butter
                        - 40 g Pannacrema vanilla
                        - Purple food colouring
                        Heat the sugar and water to about 70°C and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.
                        Whisk Albumissimo and the sugar solution in a food processor fitted with a whisk attachment until the outside of the bowl feels warm to the touch.
                        Gradually stir in the butter and beat everything. Stir in the Pannacrema Vanilla and colour ¾ of the cream with purple food colouring.

                      • For the Drip

                        - 250 g Creme Vellutine - Chocolate
                        - 100 g cream
                        - Black food colouring
                        Fill the bases with the remaining quarter of the light buttercream and spread with the purple buttercream. Set aside about 100 g for the decoration.
                        After the cake has been in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, create a drip with the black ganache on the top.
                        Refrigerate again briefly and then decorate as desired with buttercream and sugar figures.


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