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At the beginning of the 19th century, the cocoa for chocolate production had become very expensive.
For this reason, some Turinese Maîtres Chocolatier started to partially replace it with hazelnuts harvested from the nearby Langhe territory; that’s how the delicious gianduia cream was born.

Ingredients for a 4 kg tub:

  • White base 3400g
  • Bitter Gianduia Traditional Paste (La Cubanera) 500g
  • Milk or heavy cream 100g
  • Grisbì Hazelnut Arabeschi® (To taste)

          Method of preparation

          • Mix together the white base, milk (or heavy cream) and Vanilla Tahiti N Traditional Paste (White) until smooth and well combined.

          • Process the mixture in the batch freezer, then garnish the tub with Monte Nero Arabeschi®.


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