Fiordica Gel Evolution

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Five Star Chef Fiordica Gel Evolution is a powdered product with exceptional jelling, thickening and stabilizing properties.

Fiordica Gel Evolution is ideal to create a wide array of cold pastry desserts to be consumed at positive temperatures, such as mousses, panna cotta, Bavarian creams, cheesecakes and modern cakes*. Additionally, it’s perfect to prepare peculiar recipes such as aspics and marshmallows.

Fiordica Gel Evolution is available in 5 versions: Neutral, to be flavored with Five Star Chef Pannacrema–Pastry Compounds or Traditional Pastes, and other 4 flavored versions: Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry and Yoghurt.

* If needed, desserts prepared with Fiordica Gel Evolution can be stored at negative temperature and defrosted before being served.


  • Fiordica Gel Evolution Neutral (130-150 g)
  • Water (30-40°C/ 86-104°F) (200 g)
  • Heavy cream (1L)

        Method of preparation

        • Dissolve Fiordica Gel Evolution in water (30-40°C / 86-104°F).

        • Whip the heavy cream.

        • Slowly add the whipped cream to Fiordica Gel Evolution and mix until well combined. In order to allow the proper activation of the jelly, be sure the temperature of the mixture is 20-25°C / 68-77°F.

        • Flavor with Five Star Chef Pannacrema-Pastry Compounds or Traditional Pastes (please see dosage on the label) by adding them to Fiordica Gel Evolution dissolved in water.

        • Allow to rest for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator to stabilize the product. Place in a freezer or shock freezer for enough time to allow unmolding the dessert.

        • Store and serve at +4°C / 39°F.


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