Cheesecake Mix

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This is an international recipe loved by all, create it for your customers in a few simple steps!


  • Cheesecake Mix 1Kg
  • Milk 2L
  • Quark, ricotta cheese, soft cheese 1Kg
  • Eggs 600g

          Method of preparation

          • Mix all ingredients in a planetary mixer with whisk attachment at medium speed until you get a creamy and homogeneous texture.

          • Place a disc of shortcrust pastry made with PreGel Frollis Gluten Free in the bottom of a mold and pour the mixture into it.

          • Bake in fan oven at 150┬░C for about 35-40 min.

          Ingredients with water:

          • Cheesecake Mix 1 Kg

            Water 1,2 L

            Ricotta cheese 3,2 Kg

            Cream 1 Kg

            Eggs 800g


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