Italian Brioches

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A special mix for making any kind of sweet leavened product: from classic breakfast stuffs – such as sweet rolls, croissants, brioches and Danish pastries – to traditional local products – such as rum baba, Venetian focaccia and Frankfurt Kranz – as well as many other sweet specialities tied to traditions and festivities.

The balanced and meticulously selected high-quality raw ingredients allow for great results:

• standardising the possible variations in our quality, thereby guaranteeing consistent
performance over time
• improving the texture and u ness of the products, reducing the risk of them becoming stale
• improving the palatability of the products, increasing their melt-in-the-mouth factor
• improving the stability of the finished products, increasing their shelf-life
• improving the workability of the dough, increasing its tolerance to manufacturing variations and
reducing preparations times
• improving the volume of the finished products, giving them excellent texture.

My Sweet Mix allows you to make tonnes of recipes with a single product, optimising space and time management within your lab: thanks to this semi- finished product you will actually be able to reduce preparation times, labor costs and prevent waste.


  • PreGel My Sweet Mix 1Kg
  • Instant PreGel yeast 12g
  • Eggs 400g
  • Water 40-60g
  • Butter 200g
  • PreGel flavoring pastes (15-20 g Vanilla N°7 Classic Paste and 2 g Lemon Pastaroma) As required

              Method of preparation

              • Knead My Sweet Mix, instant yeast and eggs in a planetary mixer for 6-7 minutes at medium speed (using a spiral or dough hook attachment). Add the water a er the first 3-4 minutes, and knead until the mixture is homogeneous. Next add butter and flavoring pastes and knead for another 7-8 minutes at medium speed. e correct final temperature of the dough is 27-28°C.

              • Let the dough proof for about 1 hour in a proofer at 30°C (70-80% R.H.) or at least until the dough volume has redoubled.

              • Make 55 g dough pieces and roll them into balls.

              • Let the dough balls proof for about 1.5 -2 hours in a proofer at 30°C (70-80% R.H.).

              • Garnish to taste with Glaze for baked products and pearl sugar. Dust with icing sugar.

              • Bake in vented oven at 165°C for about 10 minutes.


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