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Mrs. Ruth Wakefield was preparing her delicious Butter Drop Dough cookies when she discovered that she was out of baking chocolate.
She then decided to replace it with broken pieces of a chocolate bar, expecting it to melt and color the dough to create chocolate cookies. That didn’t happen; the small pieces of chocolate only softened and the chocolate chip cookie was born.

Ingredients for a 4 kg tub:

  • White base 3400g
  • Biscotto Traditional Paste 270g
  • Milk or heavy cream 330g
  • Biscotto Arabeschi® or Biscotto Gluten Free Arabeschi® (to taste)

          Method of preparation

          • Mix together the white base, milk (or heavy cream) and Biscotto Traditional Paste until smooth and well combined.

          • Process the mixture in the batch freezer, and then garnish the tub with Biscotto Arabeschi® or Biscotto Gluten Free Arabeschi®.


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